"It is very good to copy what one sees; it is much better to draw what you can't see any more but in your memory.  It is a transformation in which imagination and memory work together.  You only reproduce what struck you, that is to say the necessary.  That way, your memories and your fantasy are freed from the tyranny of nature."  Edgar Degas
   Discover the Artist in You!

       It does not matter how old you are and what you do in your life, no matter whether the art is your profession, hobby or dream! What matters is that it is never too late to create.
It is possible to learn to paint, as an adult, and even if never before painting
 Beginners distribute canvases, brushes, paints - and they go straight to the creative process, following the step-by-step in their teachers, grasping skills. The whole process is built on the proximity of these two worlds: mature master and novice artist. Literally in the first session after a few hours novices go away with their first real canvases painted with oil paints.  The main idea of ​​this project - to show that in every person, adult or child, he lives the creative impulse, which in no matter what was manifest in any form of creative activity. 

You can paint in various ways. You can become a classic painter and paint every small detail, and then the painting process can take years. But there is another way to paint:  You can take a brush, feel the story and immediately put it on the canvas. To do this you need to know simple secrets of plotting space, choosing accurate colors, and the stroke painting technique – and that’s all. And you can create, without masterpieces, your own unique world.

Our approach and our technique allow us to learn how to paint by Right-Hemisphere Drawing.

Right-Hemisphere Drawing is the most popular, unique and  creative method that you can learn quickly.

 This method is designed for EVERYONE.

        The founder of the Right-Hemisphere Drawing method is Edgar Betty Edwards Arts and Drawing Teacher, PhD.

This technique, books and Betty Edwards herself helped people around the world to learn to draw!  With her revolutionary discoveries in the field of teaching drawing skills, Betty - has become a guiding light for so many people! In 1979, Betty Edwards published her first work on the Right-Hemisphere Drawing methodology. Almost immediately after publishing, she received a positive review from students and teachers who adopted took this technique as a teaching practice. The use of this method is widespread in teaching how to draw. She wrote two books that became best sellers "The artist within you" and "Open a painter".

When we are drawing with the method of Right-Hemisphere Drawing - we carry a picture of our feelings, impressions. We embody our dreams and fantasies and then our picture is getting  alive. And for this kind of drawing we do not need a long-term preparation and tedious detail work.

Thanks to the author's simple and unique technique, everyone can draw. The paintings are bright, expressive and surprise for their depth and fullness. It's hard to say that a painting was drawn by a somebody who until today had never held a brush in his or her hands.

      In process of drawing we are able to abstract from everyday problems, and fully immerse in creation. We relax and put ourselves in a better mood. And that's not all. The inspiration from drawing spreads in all parts of our life – in relationship, at home and at work. 

With this method you start seeing the world through a prism of art. You begin to see the world with childlike enthusiasm - noticing details, enjoying the colors of the world and enjoying the search for interesting and unusual stories that you will reflect on canvas.

         Genuine artists recommend to draw only what creates internal admiration and what captures attention at first glance. Usually, these sensations give a powerful impetus to creativity.

         Modern methods of drawing do not have strict rules, so every artist chooses new motives, new interesting ways to express her or his own perception.

           Even if an artist is tied to a certain theme, his or her paintings will never resemble one another. Every piece with its own history, its life, its colors and its uniqueness.

This is not just a lesson!

This is the magic of fine arts, which inspires and helps develop a creative vision of the world.


Create without stereotypes and templates!