Express Training:
Learn how to paint in 3 hours

Figurative painting – it is a developed technique that allows people without art education to draw immediately.

    We recommend that you take our general fast training class and then continue your development of creativity with our master classes.

After one painting lesson you will be able to confidently draw and produce your own paintings!

Your brain's right hemisphere will start activating. For painters the brain's right hemisphere is responsible for accurate vision of objects in space, musicians for the hearing and creative people for making customized solutions!

The right hemisphere of the brain starts to work within 30 minutes after the start of the training. Therefore, we often call this method hemispheric drawing.

With the rise of the right hemisphere activity and balancing it with the left brain unique things can happen: the performance of the brain increases 5 times, increases the speed of decision-making, the inspiration, and inner peace, harmony, manifested in all areas, which at times improves the level of quality of human life.

The purpose of the method is not to teach academic standards of the fine arts, but to discover in you the creative personality and to help to develop your talent. Anyone can draw, but to start, we must stop to analyse our actions and just create!

For whom the right hemisphere drawing is?

For those who want to realize the dream of being a painter, for professional artists, for business, for those who have a profession related to the design, creativity, for those who want to find inspiration  and for all who consider themselves creative people, or want to become !

Everyone can come and special artistic training is not required.

During the training, we draw five paintings, and maybe more, it all depends on you.

All materials are provided.

Master Classes:
Oil painting
One Stroke
Chinese Style
Pastel painting (Pan Pastel)
​EBRU - painting on the water